"Thank you for making our little girls party something really special!"

Pete and Alyson Finn


Finding something different to do each year for your little loved ones can be a long and laborious time cosuming challenge! Sure its easy to just book the local bowling alley or soft play but one thing they certainly dont bring to your childs biggest day of the year is a sense of focus! Yourself and your child can be left feeling a little like its a day like any other! The only time all the children and adults truly come together during this style of party is during the food and even at that point the focus directs on the meal in front of them!

Birthdays should be about celebrating, sharing, wonder, excitment and of course feel like real magic! Your only young once so why not make the best of it!

Luckily we have the perfect range of choice designed specifically for you and your child....

birthday magic

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"It was the most stress free party we have done, the parents said you were the best children's entertainer they had ever seen!!"

Chris Stead and Heidi Aris

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How Long? - 1 hour 30mins (no food break) or 2 hour shows

What Age group? - 4-7yrs

What can my child look forward to?

Prepare your little one for the party of a lifetime as they and all their friends enjoy a custom built show tailored specifically to their attention demanding age group.                                   The performance will be filled to the brim with laughter, mind blowing illusions and barrel loads of audience participation which wil ensure the litle ones (and the adults) are routed to the spot!

The children are sure to be replaying all the joyous highlights of the "Simon Says" experience in their minds long after the event! The show can be designed to your specific time needs from 30mins-2 hours.

Start things off with a bang with a colourful blend of what is sure to be the kids favourite choices, action packed party games, highly interactive fun-filled challenges, high energy dancing, heart pounding races and even guranteed fun fueled traditional games like Statues and bumps but with the "Simon Says" factor spin on it!             All games are non elimination to ensure all children are fully involved and having fun from start to finish and every child receives a prize

Then when the children are eating they'll be soaking up the party fever  listening to their favourite pop tunes! Then the special moment we've all been waiting for as all your family and friends gather to wish your child a very Happy Birthday.  Grab your cameras as the guest of honour blows out the candles on their delicious cake.

After food its straight back into the fun with the multi award-winning theatre style magic show featuring Simon, his box of illusions and his wonderful cast of excitable puppet characters and their larger than life personalities that really win the kids over.

There will be tons of laughs, baffling tricks that will even fool the adults and the best part is the birthday child will play such a unique role in a day all about them that they will cherish the wonderful memories for years to come!

"Simon is professional, friendly and a pure genius!  He kept 22 four year olds transfixed for two hours - laughing, engaged and begging for more,

I would highly recommend Simon for any party!"

Carrie Pitt

Birthday surprise

How Long? - 45min or 1 hour shows

Age group? - 4-7 yrs

What can my child look forward to?

A  multi award-winning theatre style show featuring Simon, his box of illusions and his wonderful cast of excitable puppets. There will be tons of laughs, baffling tricks that will even fool the adults and the best part is the birthday child and their friends become the stars of the performance! A sure fire fun filled family show that will delight everyone. 

"Simon is fantastic!  We had my son's 5th birthday party yesterday and it was amazing!  All children (and adults) were so happy.  I highly recommend him!" 

Nagore Alzola Ortiz De Zarate

and for the older kids...

Wizards Got Talent

Wizards got talent

How long?  1 hour

Age group?  8-11yrs






What can my child look forward to?

So as your child gets older their attention shifts to not so much being "enchanted" by magic as needing to be fullfilled by it, as needing/trying to work out how Simon achieves the miracles that stun his captivated audience. So here it is, Simon pulls back the large and exciting curtain of mystery and shows and teachs young minds how to achieve the impossible themselves, so they can go on to wow thier freinds and family for hours on end! 

Everyone arrives and we dive straight into an interactive experience of baffling illusions that will astound and delight every child in the room, even the adults will sit up in a moment of shock as their eyes cant believe what they are seeing! The birthday childs star shines brightest as they help create that magical moment of their own to beeming smiles and thunderous applause!                                                                                 

After a short food break to get everyone renergised and the cake has been cut its straight back into the fun.... 

Now here's where Simon often hears audible gasps and rush of hands into the air as your talented entertainer with his years of experience grants a special opportunity for his audience to learn the real secrets of magic from a trained and polished professional! They'll be laughing, smiling and having so much fun as they learn and master amazing head turning tricks all in a upbeat and friendly party enviroment! What they take away from this once in a lifetime event will not only be a special memory but also a skill they can take forward into their growing lives!

"Would highly recommend Simon, he's so much fun and kept the kids attention throughout.  Everyone had so much fun including the adults!  Simon is extremely organised, professional and a genuinely nice person!  Thanks Simon for making Gabriella's party really great and making her feel special"

Tara Elizabeth

"Wow, Simply amazing! You kept 24 children and all the parents entertained for 2 hours! We all had a fantastic time and the tricks and show were brilliant!  Liam and Callum have said they would like the same party next year!  Can't thank you enough!"

Kelly Sams

"Great entertainer, good with kids and astounding magic. Top choice!"

Ben Pid

"Brilliant entertainer!  Kept all the kids and adults entertained, book this guy, you will not be dissappointed!! Thanks Simon"

Neil Pallett