"Very entertaining performance!  Simon made sure the act was appropriate for the age group of the children and they all thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Sara Wright (St Mary's C of E School)

Sara Wright (St Mary's C of E School)


Schools across the counties often bring Simon into the their wonderful learning establishments to open up their pupils young minds to the wonders of our world told through the art of magic! 

His upbeat, inspiring and mind blowing illusions will completly transfix and engage his keen audience! Laugh along with them as they enter a magical world full of wonder, colour and joy and watch as they brim with smiles when they recount a unique positive experience they've   shared with you! Bundles of fun and excitmentment abound in this one of a kind interactive show which is pitch perfect for your next PTA, Christmas or even Easter event! 

"Fantastic!  Mixed age range, all the children loved the whole show including the music, magic, balloon modelling, interaction and games. 

We could not have asked for more!"

Sue Johnson (Scamps Nursery)

"Children thoroughly enjoyed the show.  There was lots for them to enjoy - children particularly enjoyed "Feathers" the parrot, many thanks!"

Sharon Moore (Bright Start Nursery)

"The performance was pitched at the right level for our 4-7yr old audience with plently of audience participation.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance!

Mrs V Taunt (Holme Chase School)

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