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So you're planning your next special event, you've compiled your guest list and arranged the decorations and maybe the caterers!

How do you gurantee that your colleagues, friends or family will forever remember the day as something uniquely special and exciting, that will stand apart from all their previous experiences? How do you get rid of those dull moments when people are meeting for the first time and you need something to break the ice and get people talking amongst themselves so that they are not just standing around!




Add excitement, flair, laughter and pure astonishment to the procedings with Simon's breathtaking close up magic!









or if its a wedding then..........


During the Photograph's

Whilst the photo's are being taken you always get people who are standing around waiting to be involved again. Simon can be on hand to keep your guests entertained with his close-up miracles.


During the Wedding Breakfast

Simon will move from table to table between the food course's keeping everyone entertained, creating the perfect ice breaker for those who may be meeting for the first time. 


After the Speeches

Once the speeche's are over with, you have a long wait till the evening guests arrive. Why not make one of the dullest times in the day become the most talked about with Simon presenting his range of sleight of hand skills to amaze your guests.


During the evening

As the evening guests arrive the fun starts straight away as Simon welcomes them with his interactive magical talents, showing them what a great time can be had at your wedding. Simon will have them scratching their heads as he bends forks with his mind, transform's your guest's money and makes objects appear in impossible locations.




1 hour Performance - Weekend £150 / Midweek £110

2 hour Performance - Weekend £200 / Midweek £160 

(recommended if you have more than 100 guests)







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